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Shenzhen Jinfengyuan Guangming Branch Irradiation Center two projects under construction


Shenzhen Jinfengyuan Guangming Branch Irradiation Center two projects under construction

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  December 16, 2012 morning, Shenzhen Jinpeng source of bright branch γ radiation center Phase II project groundbreaking ceremony was held at the construction site bright branch. Gold irradiation chairman, party secretary Zheng powers attended the groundbreaking ceremony, the general manager Zhang Dongbo, deputy general manager of the construction unit construction company in Zhaoqing City Hilton Chan, supervision unit Shenzhen Bundy engineering company director Li Wenge, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Groundbreaking ceremony presided over by the bright Branch Manager Guo Guilin.

Zhang Dongbo introduced bright branch two project profiles, and require the construction unit carefully organize the construction and careful management, and strive to create a first-class speed and excellent quality, to ensure the project is completed on schedule. It requires supervision units strictly supervision duties conscientiously supervision of the project.

Hilton Chan said in his speech, the construction company will be well-organized, 秉承信 keep the contract, sincere cooperation and management principles of green construction, strict quality control, so that scientific management, production safety, to ensure the project delivered on time to the construction unit.

Li Wenge said in his speech, Commissioner of the company will focus on construction as the goal, commitment, and strive to provide quality service, perform the supervision duties, ensure project safety, quality, efficient completion.

11:18 sharp, Zheng powers declared that "Shenzhen Jinpeng source of light Branch γ radiation center Phase II project started now," With the order, the scene applause, firecrackers, excavators dug under the "Article a shovel, "marks the second phase of the light branch started it!

Deputy General Manager Guo Shiyuan, Tang Qingsong, Shen Wen, middle managers, employees and all branches bright construction units, supervision units related personnel attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

After the ceremony, the gold forum convened by the two radiation project team members, construction units, supervision units primarily responsible attended. At the meeting, briefed the second phase of the construction unit project plan, construction organization, personnel management arrangements, measures and key projects; supervision units on how to do the project quality control, schedule control and investment control and so made a report.

Zheng powers the symposium stressed the importance of the project construction, and the project team set up two bright, construction units, supervision units clear requirements: First, the project team, construction units, supervision units must have a clear organizational structure, improve work system and clear job responsibilities, to ensure the normal construction of the building process; the second is to seriously organize the construction site management, ensure project quality of security, insurance period, to ensure safety of the successful completion of the second phase of the project is completed branch bright quality quality engineering; third is to strengthen the communication between the relevant units of the construction process, the project team to do the coordination between the relevant government departments, construction units, supervision units, design units, equipment suppliers, etc., to ensure that projects an orderly way.

Shenzhen Jinpeng source of bright branch γ radiation source mounted two project design capacity of 4 million Curie, a total construction area of ​​24,831.71 square meters, including an irradiation plant, two irradiation plant and a supporting dormitory. Development for the company laid a good foundation, "second five" will put into operation the second phase.