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Radiation Technology

Radiation Technology

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Radiation processing business applications for over 30 years, is a mature application of modern technology widely. I irradiation application of radiation sterilization company to provide quality processing services, product packaging original radiation processing, fast turnaround, temperature and pressure control, dose control strict, clean and undamaged. JPY company always adhere to high quality, effective and efficient, safe and reliable service concept, in strict accordance with international quality system standard operation, each of the radiation processing center in obtaining ISO9001: 2000 (Quality Management System) certification at the same, have gained ISO11137 / EN552 (Sterilization of health care products requirements for validation and routine control of radiation sterilization) and ISO13485: 2003 (medical device quality management system for regulatory requirements) certification system.

Gamma ray irradiation γ is a very short wavelength radiation, having higher energy and penetration, it interacts with matter, by controlling the irradiation time, irradiation by the physical properties and chemical composition of substances occurring changes and can make it a new substance that people need, or to organisms (microbes, etc.) suffer unrecoverable and destruction, people need to reach the goal. Industrial γ-ray irradiation is mainly used for medical product sterilization, food preservation, chemical materials modification.

Cobalt-60 radioactive cobalt-60 radiation processing is the most used artificial radionuclides. For safety reasons, a special cobalt-60 particles are double-sealed in a stainless steel tube, called a sealing source rod. Source rod is not in direct contact with the illuminated objects, radiated γ rays. Cobalt source decay process releasing energy 1.17MeV and 1.33MeV two kinds of γ-rays. Energy above 10MeV rays act on the matter may have induced radioactivity, and cobalt-60 average energy of only 1.25MeV, no induced radioactivity, its half-life of five to 27 years to become stable after long-term decay of nickel - 60. In approximately 2 m thick concrete shield room, the source rod is mounted in a metal source holder. Source placed in the upper and lower frame is limited to two fixed positions, namely in deep water in the pool or in shielded storage position rose out of the water in the working position. Runtime objects on conveying systems around the source holder movement in the working position to absorb radiation energy, its radiation processing technology is very reliable and safe.

Dose monitoring products absorb energy ray irradiation time depends on the number, density of the product and the container placed in the irradiation pattern, structure design irradiation apparatus. The unit of absorbed dose with grays (Gy), said meter measuring the dose. Typically, the dosimeter follow the illuminated products irradiated together after the irradiation was measured with the instrument according to the dosimeter, the dosimeter's dosage of the product is absorbed dose processing. To prove the product has reached the desired parameter by dose radiation treatment, according to the requirements of each batch of products will be accompanied by a certificate of irradiation.

Gamma irradiation superiority relative to other sterilization processes, the number of irradiated products need more with less has its machining economy, processing technology, reliable, efficient, product packaging design constraints of small, simple confirmation process, no harmful substances The residue, no post-processing for sterilization, you can quickly release the shipment.