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Scope of services

Scope of services

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1. Radiation sterilization of medical instruments and supplies

Disposable medical equipment and supplies in the international arena has been widely used method of radiation sterilization, radiation is considered to be one of the best current method of sterilization, the advantage of thorough sterilization, no chemical residue, the product without heating , simple operation, continuous operation. Similar products such as surgical gloves and hat, syringes, blood plasma separator, effort catheter, hemostatic gauze and so on.

2. Drugs radiation sterilization

Different physical forms of drugs, especially medicine, disinfection and sterilization is a vital part of quality assurance. The traditional sterilization methods such as steam pressure, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, microwave or chemical gas (ethylene oxide) and other sterilization methods have some limitations, and irradiation sterilization method basically can overcome these difficulties. Most of Chinese medicine and Western medicine are part of the irradiation method can be used for disinfection and sterilization, especially for some not high temperature, composition of volatile powder and medicine is particularly applicable, for example: all kinds of herbs, raw powder, ointments, powders, pills, tablets, capsules, semi-finished and finished products.

3. Food irradiation preservation

In the 1970s, health and safety of irradiated foods, confirmed the international authority. In the 1980s, countries began to establish rules, regulations and standards relating to food irradiation. For most food and agricultural products, we can use this high-tech preservation irradiation to achieve sterilization, insecticide, mildew, inhibit sprouting, delayed maturity, prolonged preservation purposes. All kinds of products mainly include: condiments, health food, dehydrated food, aquatic products, red meat, pet food.

4. Cosmetics radiation sterilization

Raw materials for cosmetics harmful bacteria and their produce due to bacterial contamination will potentially damaging skin in production, and high-temperature sterilization will destroy cosmetic own characteristics, affecting the quality, radiation sterilization method is at room temperature, often depressed conducted without heat for cosmetics is an ideal means of sterilization, talc, mica powder, foundation, cosmetic, brushes, brush, herbal mask and a variety of creams, are suitable for the use of irradiation sterilization. In addition, more and more daily necessities, also using irradiation sterilization method. Such as dried flowers, sachet, feather jewelry, wooden handicrafts, shower gel and so on.

5. Toys, packaging materials, radiation sterilization

Manufacturers of toys to avoid bacterial contamination generated in the production process of a direct impact on children's health, the use of irradiation sterilization method, you can rest assured that the children were exposed stuffed, teeth, child brushes, feather toys, assembling toys; irradiation sterilization can be avoided by using the influence of chemical residues or thermal effects caused by other sterilization, sterile cleanliness improve food supplies packaging materials. Life is most commonly used radiation sterilization of packaging material is all kinds of jam food flexible packaging materials.

6. Chemical materials radiation modification

Radiation processing can change the molecular structure of the polymer, to improve the physical properties of its heat-resistant anti-flame retardant, and some also have a memory function of material may be formed, successfully developed a number of new polymer materials with excellent performance, it has become the introduction attention commodity. The main types of radiation applications are: heat shrinkable materials, radiation crosslinking cable and rubber vulcanization, absorbent material, a conductive polymer composite materials.

6. Irradiation colored precious stones and pearls

Objective radiation processing, can enhance or change a lot of jade, gems, crystal and pearl colors (for example, to make crystal from colorless to brown, purple, golden yellow, etc.), so as to increase product variety, improve product quality and value-added .